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Presented by Bone Coach™—Kevin Ellis, Certified Health Coach & Osteoporosis "Thriver"
Stronger Bones Masterclass™
Discover The 3-Step Blueprint Osteoporosis "Thrivers" Use To Help Build Strong Bones So They Can Stop Fearing Fracture & Lead Active Lives.
FREE Online Masterclass
In this FREE training, I’ll share:
  • The one thing DXA scans miss and that doctors don’t seem to be concerned about
  • ​​5 action steps to boost bone health without leaving home 
  • Why natural AND conventional approaches often FAIL even the most committed strong bone seekers.
  • ​The #1 MISTAKE many people make with osteoporosis (it can cause lengthy setbacks)
  • The unexpected connection between water and low bone density
  • ​The essential "tools" used by Osteoporosis "Thrivers"
  • ​The surprising reason why many people don’t have a shot at better bone density (and how to avoid being one of them)
  • ​The 4 "internal disruptors" that prevent salads, smoothies and supplements from making ANY impact on bone health
About the host
Kevin Ellis, better known as Bone Coach™, is a Forbes-featured, integrative health coach, popular podcaster, and bone health advocate with clients and followers spanning over 1500+ cities around the world.

After debilitating health issues, and an osteoporosis diagnosis in his early 30’s, he eventually cracked the code to improving his health and has committed his life to helping others do the same. He has made it his mission to help over 1+ million people around the globe build stronger bones.

He's most famous for helping people with osteoporosis gain clarity and confidence that improving is possible.

Learn what it takes to be an Osteoporosis "Thriver"...
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